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Day: October 26, 2017

Total Worker Health® Methods Workshop

How can we ensure that Total Worker Health research is appropriate and effective? In March 2017, the Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest hosted a Total Worker Health (THW) Research Methodology Workshop which included national experts from NIOSH, TWH centers and affiliates. The meeting was held in response to recommendations from the Independent Panel of […]

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Health and Safety Survey of Midwest Small Businesses

While the majority of employers in the US consist of small businesses, they have received less attention from occupational safety and health and Total Worker Health® practitioners. Based on the Institute of Medicine’s Employee Total Health Management model, a foundational model for TWH, statewide surveys and focus groups of Iowa employers (Merchant et al., 2013; […]

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Partnership with Nebraska Safety Council

The Nebraska Safety Council / WorkWell, a NIOSH Total Worker Health affiliate and Healthier Workforce Center partner, is actively integrating Total Worker Health concepts into their safety & wellness courses and materials, presentation, and symposiums (“The Worker Safety and Health 360°”). A new integrated health and safety risk and culture assessment tool will soon be […]

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Health and Safety Survey of Construction Apprentices

Construction is among the most hazardous industries in the US, with high rates of fatal and non-fatal injuries. Safety in construction is complicated due to rapidly changing work environments, unique hazards of the industry, and the organizational issues of coordinating interactions between multiple contractors. In addition to high rates of work injury, construction workers are […]

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Exploring How to Impact the Health and Safety of New Correction Officers: A Study of Rural and Urban Jails

Corrections officers face a number of safety and health challenges in both jail and prison settings. With pilot funding from the Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest, Dr. Lisa Jaegers (Assistant Professor of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy at St. Louis University) tracked newly hired corrections officers’ mental and physical health trends in order to […]

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