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The Healthier Workforce Center of the Midwest proudly presents Workplace Matters, a mini podcast series focusing on healthy work design. Here, we’ll tackle a broad range of cost-effective approaches to impact the wellbeing of today’s workforce.

The Participatory Approach

Description: This episode of Workplace Matters focuses on a project improving correctional officers’ health through a Participatory Approach. This is about involving employees in the creation of changes to the workplace. We’ll take a look at a St. Louis project on rural and urban jails, and how their participatory approach had long lasting positive effects on a stressful workplace.

Host: Michael Guhin

Guests: Dr. Lisa Jaegers, Superintendent Jeffery Carson, Correctional Officer Patryce Jackson, and Correctional Officer Ian Spooner

Mod Factors

Description: This episode of Workplace Matters focuses on Mod Factors and what employers can do to improve them. These factors can lower insurance premiums and save money. More importantly, a good mod factor is often the direct result of a safe and healthy workforce.

Host: Michael Guhin

Guests: Lisa Henning, Dan Krick, and Amanda Adam