Evaluating Programs

Knowing what works and doesn’t work is important for developing a Total Worker Health program that is right for you. Employers describe information they have used to evaluate their programs before, during and after implementation to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs.

We took a look at the data and tried to figure out where our risk areas were, and what we wanted to do about it.

—Kristin Marion, Client Advisor, Geonetric.

We are measuring our success. We find it really important that we need to be able to produce results and be able to track our successes and challenges. It is really important for being able to present results to management.

—Lori Hoffman, Employee Training & Communications Specialist, Cedar Falls Utilities

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Evaluation Tools for Collecting Data
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Assessment Tools and Guidelines for Integrated Approaches: The latest recommendations from the NIOSH Total Worker Health™ Program for assessing integrated approaches.

Conducting a Safety & Health Checkup: eTool developed by OSHA to assess your company’s safety and health system with sections on management leadership/employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control; and safety and health training.

CDC Worksite Health Scorecard: A tool for employers to assess their health and safety programs, identify gaps and prioritize high-impact strategies to prevent injuries, heart disease, stroke, and related injuries.

CDC Health and Safety Climate Survey (INPUTS™): Short survey developed by the CDC National Healthy Worksite Program to assess employee perceptions of the work environment, working conditions and attitudes towards supervisors and coworkers for developing a healthy worksite culture.

Employee Needs & Interest Survey: Short survey to assess what types of well-being programs employees are interested in. Tool is free to download from WELCOA, but requires you to submit your email address.

CDC “Healthy Days Measure”: Short survey with 14 questions to assess individual’s health-related quality of life. Questionnaire is available in English and Spanish.

Follow-Up Behavior Survey: Short survey developed by Maine Healthy Partnerships to assess employee health behavior with physical activity, nutrition, tobacco use, and worksite support.

Total Worker Health Topics In-Depth: Supplementary video series where experts and small business industry leaders share their expertise, tips and experiences on important topics related to Total Worker Health.

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