Essential Elements & Closing Tips

Employers share ways to better protect and promote workers safety, health, and well-being at work and beyond. The essential elements of planning, implementing, and evaluating Total Worker Health policies, programs, and practices are described.

Don’t set people up for failure. Set them up for success.

—Michael Winter, Manager, Distribution Inc.

Because of the energy here, I just wanted to be a better person. So I started on my journey and ending up losing over 60 pounds. I felt really good about myself but then that was able to transcend to my family because of what I had learned and by the example that I was leading.

—Alicia Murphy, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness, Van Meter Industrial

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NIOSH Essential Elements: Guide for employers to reduce workplace hazards and promote worker health and well-being. Includes guiding principles and practical directions for implementing effective programs through a set of 20 components divided into four areas: Organizational Culture and Leadership; Program Design; Program Implementation and Resources; and Program Evaluation.

NIOSH Total Worker Health: Let’s Get Started!  A web portal to help practitioners get started with Total Worker Health. Information and tools on how to integrate health protection and health promotion practices, policies and systems is featured. Check out the following links to get started:

Ideas You Can Implement Right Now to Integrate Health Protection and Health Promotion: Examples of simple ways you can begin to integrate safety, health, and well-being.

The Whole Worker: Guidelines for Integrating Occupational Health and Safety with Workplace Wellness Programs

Additional resources: A Worksheet to Help You Get Started on Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation

Total Worker Health Topics In-Depth: Supplementary HWCE video series where experts and small business industry leaders share their expertise, tips and experiences on important topics related to Total Worker Health.