Mission Statements

Vision andvanmeter-32 mission statements are an important way that employers can show they are committed to their employee’s safety and well-being. They provide direction and a set of standards for a company’s climate and culture. They also provide a sense of purpose and meaning to employees. Mission statements should be made highly visual to employees and taken seriously by all levels of management.

To get started, employers or committees can develop a new draft mission statement or be open to reshaping their current statement. Employees should then be offered opportunities to provide input. Here are a couple examples from award-winning companies.

Sample Statements

Van Meter Inc., Cedar Rapids, Iowa ~250 employees
Our company culture promotes a lifestyle of healthy and safe choices for our employee-owners.  We care about everyone’s safety and well-being—at work and at home—and have formed committees and created programs to foster this environment.  Happy, healthy and safe employees result in greater productivity and a higher quality of service for our customers.

Lincoln Airport Authority, Lincoln, Nebraska ~77 employees
Lincoln Airport Authority will provide high quality well balanced workplace wellness and safety programs for its employees. We demonstrate our commitment to our employee’s through a safe, healthy, and supportive workplace. (working draft)