Nebraska Safety Council Conference & Trade Show

October 16, 2019 all-day
Holthus Convention Center
NE 68467
Natalie Whisler

This year our Conference and Trade Show is celebrating the Worker 360° Ripple Effect. Our Worker 360° approach is founded on the premise of safety and wellness for the whole person, 24/7, on and off the job. We see how the efforts of a few can help change the culture of many, how small changes made by an individual can make a lasting change in their own life. At the conference this year we are excited to explore and focus on what we can do to make an impact. What’s YOUR ripple effect?

Keynote Speakers:

We are excited to hear from two individuals who have changed the lives of those around them through actions big and small. Get inspired and motivated from these moving sessions.

Michael HingsonMHingson

On September 11, 2001, a blind man escaped the World Trade Center by walking down 78 flights of stairs with his guide dog, also saving the lives of his coworkers. That was Michael, who believes being prepared for emergencies is a way of life. It was not just 9/11 that lead Michael to where he is now. From the day he received his first guide dog at 14, he has been developing and fostering skills in leadership, trust, teamwork, adaptation, and more. Pulling from both on and off the job experiences, Michael will share inspiring stories that show preparedness is a mindset and a way of life.
Charlie Cartwright

Dr. Charlie Cartwright

Tap into the greatness of your people. Dr. Charlie Cartwright is an expert on employee engagement. From over 20 years of leadership experience at UPS and FedEx, Charlie found the key to success is empowering leaders to connect with their workforce. No matter the objective, an organization wants to achieve, the path always leads through its people. He will provide practical ways you can harness the power of praise and feedback to engage your team, bring out their best, and ignite a strong culture and morale to bring your business success.