Low-Cost Strategies

Total Worker Health does not need to be expensive. Employers share easy, low-cost ideas and tips to get started.

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Low-Cost Employer TWH Strategies: Lists top 5 strategies in safety, physical activity, healthier eating, managing fatigue, reducing stress and engaging employee in TWH programs during the workday.

Presentation Slides
Low-Cost Strategies that Support a Culture of Total Worker Health: Presentation slides with pictures and ideas for implementing safety and health activities in the workplace.

Web Links
TWH Activities & Challenges: A variety of downloadable games, activities and challenges to implement with employees.

Ideas for Moving More at Work: List of ideas to get employees taking more frequent breaks and moving more during the workday.

Ideas for Healthier Eating at Work: List of ideas for promoting healthier eating during the workday.

Strategies for Age-Friendly Workplaces: Multiple strategies describe how to create programs for older workers in the context of age-friendly programs, practices and policies.

Off-the-Job Safety Topics: List of topic ideas and links to resources for implementing and integrating off-the-job and seasonal safety topics into current health, safety and well-being programs and trainings.

Safety & Well-being Topics: Provides background information, significance, implementation resources, strategies, and supporting literature on a variety of specific safety and well-being topics such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, distracted driving, heat safety, office ergonomics, and managing fatigue.

Total Worker Health Topics In-Depth: Supplementary video series where experts and small business industry leaders share their expertise, tips, and experiences on important topics related to Total Worker Health.

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