Moving More in the Workplace

Distributioninc-84Movement during the day is critical to maintaining one’s health, wellness and safety–whether standing, walking, increasing stair use, taking frequent breaks, or taking time to exercise. Workplaces offering employee’s options for movement foster greater concentration and engagement, refresh energy levels and focus, boost productivity, and ultimately support a culture of total worker health. Active employees also reduce levels of presenteeism, absenteeism, injuries, disability compensation, health care costs, and life insurance costs.

In June 2013, the American Medical Association (AMA) adopted a policy recognizing the potential risks associated with prolonged sitting, stating it can cause health problems, particularly in work settings where employees are sitting most of the day, every day. The AMA encourages employers to provide alternatives to sitting to help create a healthier workforce. There are a wide variety of programs, activities and office equipment; therefore, employers should be open to employee suggestions during the planning and design process.

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