Types of Incentives

Ideas for Small Incentives to Encourage Participation & Engagement

  • Gift cards to local healthy restaurants and grocery, sports or home improvement stores
  • Personal Protective Equipment for home use (ear plugs, work/cleaning gloves, protective eye-ware)
  • Kitchen gadgets or cooking utensils
  • Water bottles or re-usable drinking glasses
  • Small coolers or containers for bringing food and snacks to work
  • Bike and recreational safety items (bike safety kits, helmets)
  • Gardening tools
  • Sun screen, bug spray or other outdoor safety items
  • Special parking spot
  • Extra time off or early out
  • Healthy breakfast or lunch for teams or groups of co-workers
  • Recognition program where co-workers can nominate those who are making safe and healthy choices

Common Types of Incentives & Rewards Related to Insurance & Benefits

  • Discount or rebate of a premium or contribution
  • Waiver of all or part of a cost-sharing mechanism (such as deductibles, co-payments, or coinsurance)
  • Absence of a surcharge
  • Value of a benefit that otherwise would not be provided under the plan
  • Cash or cash equivalent (most popular for completing an HRA)
  • Other financial or non-financial incentives

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