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2012 Total Worker Health Symposium

In 2012, the HWCE hosted a Total Worker Health Symposium and featured research presented by representatives from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Total Worker Health™ Program, each of the four NIOSH TWH Centers of Excellence, several national and state experts, and a panel on providing affordable health care to Iowa employers and employees. Over 120 people from 18 states and Washington DC were in attendance. Read more.

Presentation slides are available for download and are listed in the order they were presented. Proceedings were published as a Total Worker Health Supplement in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in December 2013.

  Thursday, November 29, 2012

Welcoming Comments

James Merchant, MD, DrPH, Director, University of Iowa College of Public Health
Healthier Workforce Center for Excellence (HWCE)
John Howard, MD, Director, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Click to see Dr. Howard’s opening comments.

Total Worker Health: Innovative Approaches to Promoting and Protecting Worker Health
Glorian Sorensen, PhD, Director, Harvard School of Public Health Center for Work, Health and Wellbeing (presentation slides)

Examining National Trends in Worker Health with the National Health Interview Survey
Sara Luckhaupt, MD, MPH, NIOSH (presentation slides)

Making the Business Case for Integrated Worksite Health Promotion/Protection Interventions, One Intervention at a Time
Suzanne Nobrega, MS, Outreach Director, CPH-NEW (presentation slides)

The Value of Social Media in Reaching and Engaging Employers in Total Worker Health™
Heidi Hudson, MPH, CHES, Coordinator, NIOSH TWH™Program
Jennifer L. Hall, EdD, Outreach Director, HWCE (presentation slides)

Participatory Ergonomics as a Model for Integrated Programs to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders
Laura Punnett, ScD, Co-Director, Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workforce (CPH-NEW) (presentation slides)

An Economic Analysis of a Safe Resident Handling Program in Nursing Homes
Supriya Lahiri, PhD, CPHNEW (presentation slides)

Physically Demanding Work and Physical Activity in Health Care Workers: Developing Key Messages for Integrated Interventions
Jack Dennerlein, PhD, Harvard Center for Work, Health, and Wellbeing (presentation slides)

Effect of Participatory Ergonomics Training on Non-Ergonomist Ratings of Ergonomics Exposures
Nathan Fethke, PhD, UI HWCE (presentation slides)

Helping Companies and Organizations to Grow: An Employer Health and Productivity Roadmap
Mike Parkinson, MD, MPH, FACPM, Senior Medical Director, UPMC Health Plan & WorkPartners (presentation slides)

Engaging Employees: Qualitative Findings from Be Hipp (Be Engaged: Help Integrate Promotion/Protection)
Linda Snetselaar, PhD, RD, LD, UI Nutrition Center, HWCE (presentation slides)

Assessing Occupational and Personal Risk Factors in Illness and InjuryBasic Approaches and Beyond
Sudha Pandalai, MD, PhD, Medical Officer, NIOSH (presentation slides)

PUSHing Young Employees to Total Worker Health: How Focus Groups Go Online
Diane Rohlman, PhD, Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (presentation slides)

UChoose: A Collaboration of the University of Iowa’s Academic and Hospital Campuses to Promote Healthy Eating
Megan Hammes, MS, ATC, MCHES, Manager, UI Wellness (presentation slides)

Workplace Interventions and Approaches to Reduce Work-Life Stress
Leslie Hammer, PhD, Associate Director, Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center (ORhwc); Director, Occupational Health Psychology, Portland State University (presentation slides)

Shift Work and Associated Health Outcomes in Police Officers
Penelope Baughman, PhD, Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer, NIOSH (presentation slides)

Correction Officers: Rapid Onset of Musculoskeletal Symptoms with Job Tenure
Martin Cherniack, MD, CPH-NEW (presentation slides)

BeWell Employee Incentive Program Creates a Culture of Wellness at Stanford
Wes Alles, PhD, Stanford Prevention Research Center (presentation slides)

  Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcoming remarks by Senator Tom Harkin, D-Iowa (via video) 

Welcoming remarks by Governor Terry Branstad (via video)

Integrated Health Programs, Outcomes and Return on Investment
Nico Pronk, PhD, Health Partners, EAC member of UI & Harvard (presentation slides)

Integrated Health Programs, Outcomes and Return on Investment: Measuring Worksite Health Promotion and Integrated Program Effectiveness
Martin Cherniack, MD, University of Connecticut and Co-PI, CPH-NEW (presentation slides)

NIOSH Total Worker Health™ Program
Anita L. Schill, PhD, MPH, MA, Senior Science Advisor, NIOSH
L. Casey Chosewood, MD, Senior Medical Officer for TWH™ NIOSH (presentation slides)

From Worker Health to “Citizen Health”: Roles of Health Care Delivery, Public Health and Big Data Transformations
Martin Sepulveda, MD, MPH, IBM Fellow (presentation slides)

Key Trends from the 2012 Iowa Employer Benefits Study
David P. Lind, David P. Lind Benchmark (presentation slides)

Panel: Providing Affordable Health Care to Iowa Workers and Employers
Senator Jack Hatch
Ron Reed, CEO, Mercy Hospital Iowa City
Cliff Gold, CoOportunity Health
Dan Kueter, Provicare, LLC

  Poster Presentations

A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Musculoskeletal Pain among Construction Workers: Findings from a Pilot Study

Alberto Caban-Martinez, Harvard Center for Work, Health, and Wellbeing

A Qualitative Assessment of Nutrition Experiences
Kim Merchant, MA, UI Nutrition Center, HWCE

Practical Tools for Implementing Worksite Wellness-Be Engaged: Help Integrate Promotion/Protection (Be Hipp)
Donna Hollinger, MS, RD, LD, UI Nutrition Center, HWCE

Company-Instituted Wellness Programs and Nursing Home Employees’ Health
Gabriela Kernan, CPH-NEW

Differences among Nursing Homes in Outcomes of a Safe Resident Handling Program
Alicia Kurowski, CPH-NEW

Effects of Program Structure on Group Facilitation in a Participatory Health Protection/Health Promotion Program
Bora Plaku-Alakbarova, University of Connecticut, CPH-NEW

Evaluating Stress Resilience: A Worksite Intervention to Reduce Stress and CVD Risk Factors in Police
Sandra Ramey, HWCE, University of Iowa

Evaluating tlhe Impact of a Health Risk Management (HRM) Program on Employees’ Health Risks, and Workers’ Compensation
Kaylan Stinson, MSPH, University of Colorado, Aurora CO

Food Service Audits: A Tool for Improving Nutrition Environments in the Worksite
Lois Ahrens, UI Nutrition Center, HWCE

Healthy Workplaces? A Survey of Massachusetts Employers
Patricia Tremblay, CPH-NEW

Paid Sick Leave and Nonfatal Occupational Injury
Abay Asfaw Getahun, NIOSH

Methodology for Modeling Normative Three-Dimensional Strength
John M. Looft, University of Iowa

Modeling Localized Muscle Fatigue during Intermittent Tasks as a Function of Intensity and Duty Cycle
John M. Looft, University of Iowa

Research Based Wellness Innovation at ACT
Tracy K. Tunwall, Mount Mercy University and ACT

Shift Work and Cancer Screening: Do Women Who Work Alternative Shifts Undergo Recommended Cancer Screening?
Rebecca Tsai, NIOSH

Team-Based Challenge Delivers More Than Cost Savings
Erin Litton, MA, CHES, ACSM-HFS, Consultant, UI Wellness

Total Worker Health™ Plus – Including Environmental Health to Meet the Sustainability Challenge
Rick Yoder, PE, Chief Sustainability Officer, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Worksite Wellness in Small Businesses: A Systematic Review of Perceived Barriers and Evidence for Intervention Effectiveness
Kaylan Stinson, MSPH, University of Colorado, Aurora, CO